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Sofi Software LLC is a consulting firm, specializing in mobile software development for iOS and Android.

About Us

Sofi Software LLC is a full-service design+build firm specializing in mobile app development for iOS and Android. Founded in 2011 by seasoned professionals, Sofi Software LLC provides the right mix of experience, attention to detail, quality, and follow-through to help turn our client's dreams into shipping apps.


Design Philosophy

It's hard to believe that iPhone and Android are only a couple years old. These two competing platforms have rocketed incredibly fast into the lead, capturing our imaginations and the market. Mobile apps are no longer optional in a go-to-market strategy. But it's not enough to just port an application from desktop or web to this new class of portable computing devices. Apps must be well crafted, look great, and feel "right". They must be designed specifically for mobile.

Our 30+ years of expertise in design and development, plus our extensive experience with iOS and Android, give you confidence that your app will stand out. We believe that the new mobile is more than just a glitzy phone; it is where tech-savvy consumers spend much of their time interacting with the connected world. The apps that succeed will be more than merely functional. They will invite the user to connect, play, and communicate.


Our Process

We utilize a hybrid RAD/Agile methodology. We believe in high transparency and communication, internal and external. User interface development is a highly dynamic process that requires rapid iteration with designers and customers. We utilize design patterns that accommodate rapid changes without sacrificing quality. We employ automation and unit testing to reduce defects.


Our Team

We tailor our team to the job. Our extensive network of consultants ensures we can deliver the right fit for any project, from a small one-week update to a six month major engagement.

Eric M Herrmann, CEO

Eric has 20+ years of hands-on software management and development experience, creating and shipping numerous high quality products. He has been an engineer and executive at well known companies including Pixar and Adobe, and a number of startups. He is co-inventor on 4 patents. Connect with Eric on LinkedIn.

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